Tourist routes

The routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Cararii Valley- Gruiul Viezuinii – Chica Lupului Peak – Ciresu Hill – Macesului Valley.

This time we start exploring the Eastern area of Latoritei Mountains as well as of a part of Steflesti and Capatanii Mountains, on a route less known and used by tourists because of the lack of any markings and the fact that the path on Gruiul Viezurelui is less known. Beginning from Zan Hotel we go to Valea Cararii and after Tolea’s drinking fountain, we go up right on the path accompanying upstream Cararii Spring.

The routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Curmatura Vidrutei – Vidra

Although the route mainly follows the road, it is worth walking for the beautiful landscapes that could not be fully enjoyed by car. Up to Curmatura Vidrei, the road is common with Voineasa - Valea Manaileasa - Manaileasa Mare route, but, to avoid the monotony of walking and to shorten the serpentines of the road, on the point where the road crosses Manaileasa spring, heading north-east, we will go upstream the spring on a forest road to Curmatura Vidrutei.

The routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Plaisor Mountain – Stevia Peak – Plaiul Poienii Cabin

Our target this time is the zoo pastoral cabin at Plaiul Poienii on a track that takes you through a varied landscape with such wonderful sights. We’ll start from Zan Hotel and go towards the west of the locality. On the bridge across Lotru we go down the small staircase and head south on the path by the water. Just across the last house we follow the path going westwards guided by the red cross marking.

The routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Gruiul Prejbutei – Ciresu Top -Saddle Chica Lupului – Voineasa

Starting from Zan Hotel we’ll go this time to the concrete bridge at the entrance to the resort and follow the road to the east, to the exit from Voineasa, where just next to the last houses, we’ll see a spring coming from the right, whose alluvial are collected by a concrete dam.  From this point onwards we will start climbing on a wide path through beeches and birches, from where we can admire, while resting, the wide opening of Lotrului valley, as well as the panoramic view over Voineasa resort. 

Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Manaileasa Valley – Manaileasa Mare Top

To reach the highest top in the mountains between Manaileasa Valley and Lotru we go on the road on the western side of Voineasa to Gura Manailesei, where the road splits into two. The one following the Lotru river to sunset takes us to Vidra Lake through the famous Cataracts and the one to the left, to South-South-West,  is in fact the main road connecting Jiului Valley (DN 7A).

The routes in Latoritei Mountains– Voineasa – Plaisor Mountain – Pietrele Albe

This time we start from Zan Hotel on the road heading towards the bridge across Lotru River and go down the few steps at the end towards sunset. From the last house upstream we follow the path heading first to the west, on the edge of the pine forest. After about 300 meters we start climbing up the wooded edge towards south. From here onwards the guide mark is visible on the trees guarding the wide path, and after over half an hour walking, we reach the meadows of Plaisor Mountain.

Touristic routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Chica Lupului Saddle– Ciunget

For a short and easy walk, letting you to enjoy the beauty of Voineasa resort at every step you take, this is for sure the right route. From Zan Hotel, we head towards the bridge on the entrance to Voineasa Resort and then follow the road to Brezoi for another 400 meters. We go to the right on a by-lane taking us along Cararii Brook and after the last house we follow the wavy forest road entering the rarefied forest of beech and hornbeams.

Touristic routes Vidra – Stana Pietrile – Saua Pietrile – Varful Mogosul – Izvorul Vidrutei – Valea Vidrutei – Lacul Vidra – Vidra

Our track to “Poartea Soarelui (in English Sun’s Gate)” starts in Vidra, 20 kilometers far from Voineasa. From Zan Hotel we’ll get there by car and then we walk to Fratosteanu Top.We start our journey from Tranzit Hotel and head to the south, where, on the crest we’ll spot the rocky cliffs of Pietrile Top and Saddle separating it from the massive Purului Top. We cross the road going round Vidra Lake to the intersection with the road to Voineasa.