Trasee turistice

The routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Cararii Valley- Gruiul Viezuinii – Chica Lupului Peak – Ciresu Hill – Macesului Valley.

The routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Cararii Valley- Gruiul Viezuinii – Chica Lupului Peak – Ciresu Hill – Macesului Valley.

Route: unmarked, relatively easy, accessible in winter.
Duration: 4-4 ½ hours

This time we start exploring the Eastern area of Latoritei Mountains as well as of a part of Steflesti and Capatanii Mountains, on a route less known and used by tourists because of the lack of any markings and the fact that the path on Gruiul Viezurelui is less known. Beginning from Zan Hotel we go to Valea Cararii and after Tolea’s drinking fountain, we go up right on the path accompanying upstream Cararii Spring. On the fifth dam used to retain alluviums, we go across the spring and up on the right side (Eastern), on the path entering the fir-trees and beech forest. After about 20 minutes, the path gets to a small clearing from where the young forest begins, making visible the remains of a nursery garden on the left. We go round on the south, the old fence of the nursery garden and meet the wide path coming from the left, on which we’ll go up through huge fir and breech trees, towards south, until we get again to the limit between the young and the old forest.

The path will go eastwards and get out on the edge, on the Western side of the clearing “La Meri,” where a shelter for animals is. From here onwards we head to the south, climbing up slowly, on the path crossing to the eastern side of the peak. We cross a rocky area, where large blocks of stone, covered with moss, are scattered around the rare beech forest. Under the beeches, there are many small sized fir trees. The path takes us to the springs of Pisetorii creek, going by a Walachian farm house and shelters for animals. Going round the farm house and up the rocky edge to the west, we climb up southwards on the Northern side of Chica Lupului Top. The way to the top is approximately 1 hour and ½ long, but the landscapes towards north and north-west to the highest peaks of Steflesti Mountains (M. Lotrului); Sterpu Peak (2.142 m), Dobrunu Peak  (1.880 m), Balindru Mare Peak  (2.209 m), Cristesti Peak  (2.233 m) are truly charming. To the north-east you can admire the middle sized mountains to the east of Sterpu Peak, and on the horizon the profile of Robu Peak (1.900m) stands out. Towards the south, Ursu Peak  (2.124 m) belonging to Capatanii Mountains rises up to the sky and we can also see the deep valley of Latoritei guarded by Tarnovul Mare Peak (1.836 m). From Chica Lupului Top (1.122 m) we’ll go down on the southern side of the road waving down and we’ll follow it to the East.

The deep saddle we go into allows you to see the wonderful landscapes to the North. The road down is easy, on the forest road taking us to Macesului Valley. To the north part of the crest, the road goes through a flat section and after that into a small saddle beginning its slope up on Ciresului Hill. A new flat section allows us to enjoy the wonderful view over Voineasa resort, and from here we’ll go towards the Southern side of Ciresu Mountain (1.160m). We go around Ciresu creek going down towards Latorita and the Eastern slopes of Giurascu Mountain through meadows and clearings where cattle stables are scattered here and there. We stop for a while to admire Malaia lake and the bumped silhouette of Molidisu Mare Peak (1510 m) rising in front of you, over the Lotru. Step by step we go down Macesului Valley and meet the national road 7A. From here to Voineasa there’s a 6 kilometers’ walk.