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The routes in Latoritei Mountains– Voineasa – Plaisor Mountain – Pietrele Albe

The routes in Latoritei Mountains– Voineasa – Plaisor Mountain – Pietrele Albe

An easy, accessible touristic route, even in winter.
Guide mark: Red Cross up to Stevia peak, then yellow tape
Duration: 1 ½ – 2 ½

This time we start from Zan Hotel on the road heading towards the bridge across Lotru River and go down the few steps at the end towards sunset. From the last house upstream we follow the path heading first to the west, on the edge of the pine forest. After about 300 meters we start climbing up the wooded edge towards south. From here onwards the guide mark is visible on the trees guarding the wide path, and after over half an hour walking, we reach the meadows of Plaisor Mountain. We can admire now the view to the north where Dilme (1.293m) and Dobrunu (1.880m) Tops belonging to Lotrului Mountains proudly show off their silhouettes, but also the panorama of Voineasa resort.

We climb up the path waving to the top, to the south, following the marks placed here and there and, once we get to the top we switch direction to the south – east. From the left the road meets the unmarked path coming up from Voineasa, over Padina Mountain and after about 150 meters from their intersection, we’ll head towards south-west through a beautiful beech forest. We’ll cross the forest up to the crest of Stevia Mountain where we meet the traffic road Valea Macesului – Steianu. From here onwards we follow the road marked with yellow tape to the right (west) for about 2 kilometers, to Gura Plaiului where the road enters the forest. We leave the road and head up on the steep slope on the edge of the forest, towards south, and, shortly we reach the limestone edge of Pietrele Albe (White Stones). Right in front of you, you’ll be able to take a glimpse over the impressive steep slope at the bottom of which the noise of Rudareasa River can be heard as it collects its waters from Fratosteanu Mare Peak (2.053 m), visible in the distance.

We keep going uphill the cliffs to the highest point on the west, where you can admire the beautiful landscape towards the four corners of the earth. The picturesque route is completed by the numerous small caves and specific calciferous vegetation. We can return either on the path on Padina or on the traffic road which continues the trip to the east to Chica Lupului Saddle, from where it goes down on the path marked by a blue triangle.