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The routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Curmatura Vidrutei – Vidra

he routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Curmatura Vidrutei – Vidra
Route: unmarked, accessible, road of approximately 25 km.
Duration: 5-6 hours.

Although the route mainly follows the road, it is worth walking for the beautiful landscapes that could not be fully enjoyed by car. Up to Curmatura Vidrei, the road is common with Voineasa – Valea Manaileasa – Manaileasa Mare route, but, to avoid the monotony of walking and to shorten the serpentines of the road, on the point where the road crosses Manaileasa spring, heading north-east, we will go upstream the spring on a forest road to Curmatura Vidrutei. Curmatura Vidrutei is not only the intersection of the springs in Manaileasa Valley and Vidruta Spring, but an important crossroads for touristic roads. From here we can follow the forest road accessible for SUVs, a road connecting Manaileasa Mica Top, located on the north, Paraginosu Mountain and the main peak of Latoritei Mountains. From Curmatura, we have outstanding views to the west, where the low peaks of the mountains around Voineasa resort are visible, and if we go up a bit to the south, on the forest road, we will be able to look towards the depression hosting Vidra Lake and farther, to the west, to the rounded silhouette of Bora and Miru mountains.

From Curmatura, we can go down directly to Vidrutei Valley on a path which continues with a forest road which takes us to the road to Vidra again, road which takes us round the Vidra Lake. From there onwards we will go north, entering Vidra Resort after about 1 kilometer.