Trasee turistice

Touristic routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Chica Lupului Saddle– Ciunget

Touristic routes in Latoritei Mountains – Voineasa – Chica Lupului Saddle– Ciunget

An easy touristic route, even in winter.
Guide mark: blue triangle.
Duration: 1 ½ hours

For a short and easy walk, letting you to enjoy the beauty of Voineasa resort at every step you take, this is for sure the right route. From Zan Hotel, we head towards the bridge on the entrance to Voineasa Resort and then follow the road to Brezoi for another 400 meters. We go to the right on a by-lane taking us along Cararii Brook and after the last house we follow the wavy forest road entering the rarefied forest of beech and hornbeams. From here onwards we’ll be accompanied by the blue triangle guide mark.

Shortly, we’ll reach a clearing from where, to sunrise, we can enjoy the view over Plesa Top (1052 m), covered with a beautiful forest of pines, here and there spotted by larches and birches. We go up the path, jumping over the small springs and Cararii Brook, until we reach the meadows under Chica Lupului Saddle. After a short relaxing break at the spring near the stables in the clearing, we follow the path waving up through the meadows full of colored flowers up to Chica Lupului Saddle (1012m). From here you can enjoy the charming view to the North to Voinesita valley basin and Sterpu Top (2142 m) and to the west to Buceci Saddle, Dobrunu Top, Negovanu Top and Balindru Mare top, all belonging to Lotrului Mountains. To the sunset, your will be able to see the sharp silhouette of Fratosteanu Top (2053m), far beyond Rudareasa Valley, and to the south Vanata Mountain on which the TV relay is. Farther, Latoritei Valley deepens guarded by Tarnovu Mare Top (1846m). The wonderful landscape invites you to a short break, after which we head to the sunrise, on the mountain road, for about 200 meters, and then follow the power-supply line to the south, down to Ciungetu. We go down to the gardens of Ciungetu Village, whose houses can be spotted ahead, go over Lazului Brook and enter a side-lane going along Rudareasa Valley and across the village. Before going back to Zan Hotel, we stop in Ciungetu Village to admire the old wooden church whose founders are painted dressed in the old local clothes on its walls.